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Why I Don’t Read Your Blog

28 Jul

Since I’ve been blogging for right around 2 months now (Crazy!) I decided I’d give some criticism & open myself to some criticism as well. I know plenty of other bloggers have given advice on what to include / not to include in order to increase readership, but let’s face it, I’m not on here to make a living off of blogging, and I’m certainly not looking to get over 100+ comments on any given post. With that said, I also find that I don’t necessarily enjoy reading blogs that have 100+ comments and thousands of loyal fans. I like the small bloggers, just like me!

I actually can’t understand why some of the most popular healthy living blogs out there have such a steady readership. I find a lot of those blogs to be so routine, so boring, so uninteresting. With that said, I’ve come up with a few reasons that I don’t follow certain blogs. Obviously, this is my own personal opinion – so if you don’t agree, I won’t be offended.

Reasons I Don’t Read Your Blog

  1. I don’t want to know every single thing you ate today. You had 6 almonds and 10 grapes for a snack at 3:17pm today? I don’t care. First of all, who counts their almonds? Secondly, how much free time do you have to actually get online and tell me about it?
  2. You have too much free time. I think the point of blogging is to belong to a community of like-minded individuals. Unfortunately, there’s not much similarity between me (working 8 hours & commuting 2 hours a day) and someone who blogs “full-time”. I’m struggling to balance working out, eating healthy, and working – I don’t have all day to work out, cook delicious meals, and blog about it like some people out there.
  3. All you do is talk about yourself. Obviously, you have a blog to share your life & opinions with the world – but bring up some interesting points please. Give me a reason to comment and start a discussion. Don’t just give me a run-down of your day. Give me something to think about!
  4. You’re too nice. Give me some sarcasm, some anger, some controversy. If you’re all sunshine & rainbows all the time, I don’t believe you. Sometimes I get pissed off – and I’ll actually use the words “pissed off” – that’s okay. I curse like a sailor and I don’t feel like transforming into this perfect goody-two-shoes in the blog world.
  5. You post too many recipes. Sure, I like to try new foods – but I don’t want the recipe to everything you’ve ever made. Save recipes for when you make an amazing meal that you just have to share with the world! I want to get to know YOU – not your pantry.
  6. Your blog is ugly. If I come to your page & there’s 9 million ads and crazy things going on and it’s hard for me to actually find what you’re saying, I’m out. I admit that I struggle with making my blog “pretty” because I’m technologically challenged. (Help me?)
  7. Your pictures are too pretty. I don’t understand why people set up photo shoots for their food. Honestly, they pick the backdrop, place-mat, lighting, and make this huge production out of taking one picture of their lunch. Really!? I don’t have an extra 30 minutes to set up a food photo shoot. Doesn’t it get cold by the time you eat it? If you’re guilty here, refer to reason #2 why I don’t read your blog.
  8. All you talk about is pregnancy & babies. Sure, I’m thrilled that you’re a new mommy – but seriously, I don’t want to hear about the new organic baby diapers you found. This is probably because I’m not at that point in my life [As I mentioned here…] and pretty much can’t relate to your hormonal life changes.
  9. You don’t work-out. I started this blog because of my love of all things fitness. If you don’t share that passion, then it’s going to be harder for us to relate to each other.
Obviously, this is my own personal preference. I realize that some blogs exist solely to give recipes or solely to track their pregnancy – and that’s fine! I’m just not drawn to those particular blogs. I’m interested to hear what some of you look for in blogs too – so comment away.

What would you like to see more / less of on my blog?

What are some reasons you don’t read certain blogs?¬†
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