Triple Digits

9 Jun

Apparently we could hit triple digit temperatures in Philly today. Lovely. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather it be 100 degrees and scorch in the sun than ever have to scrape ice off of my windshield again, so I shouldn’t really complain… BUT it just gives me another reason to move to Hawaii. It’s just perpetually 80 degrees there. No heat waves, no snow storms, just a comfortable sea breeze every day.

Fact: I will live in Hawaii one day. Whether it’s for a few years or a few months or forever, it’s going to happen.

Can I go on about 10 Honeymoons a year please? Thanks.

Anyways – back to real life / Pennsylvania life / workout life.

Wednesday Workout:

Wednesdays = Spinning + Lifting (I’m actually working on a Google Document to just give a basic outline of my daily activities…)


  • Warm-up
  • 1 min of each [seated climb, seated climb hands in the 3rd position, jumps, standing climb, hover, sprint, recover]
  • Same set as before in reverse order
  • 1 min seated climb, 1 min stand, 2 min seated climb, 1 min jumps, 3 min seated climb, 1 min hover, 2 min seated climb, 1 min jumps, 1 min seated climb]
  • 4 min of participant’s choice! [1 min each x standing climb, jumps, hover, sprint]
  • Cool-down
  • 50 min & 14.2 miles

I mentioned before that I don’t go into the gym with a specific plan… [insert your personal opinion on my methods here]. I just head towards machines that are open and do a combination of biceps, triceps, pecs, shoulders, and back exercises – finished off with some ab work. Total time in the gym ~ 40 min.


Well, I got home from the gym / quick visit to the In-Laws at 8:30. Dinner consisted of whatever we had in our apartment that could be prepared in under 10 minutes flat. Yes, I ate dinner at about 8:50pm last night. This should be bed-time, not dinner time. AHH. Someone please explain how to fit in everything I need to do without eating at 9 o’clock.

Hawaii dreamin’

Question: How do you find time for yourself while working full time, working out, and trying to cook nutritious meals!?


3 Responses to “Triple Digits”

  1. Tiff June 9, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    I could never wait that long to eat. Well… then again, I go to bed around 9. haha. I know, I know… it’s very old lady of me. I make quick meals by using quinoa instead of slow cooking rice, live off leftovers, and try to use frozen veggies when possible. Already cut n’ washed? Now that’s my kind of ingredient!

  2. Tara June 9, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    Ugh the weather has been AWFUL — and to think if I hadn’t gotten hurt, I would be running in a meet tonight. The thought of even walking outside makes me nauseous.
    Unfortunately balancing school, homework, working out, and eating, I rely a lot on convenience food – bars, frozen meals, etc. Tomorrow is the last day I have to pack lunch and I am SO FREAKING HAPPY.

    • Jessica Rose June 9, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

      Running in a meet today doesn’t even sound healthy. Yuck. And I hear you on relying on convenience foods. I can’t wait to make a real meal this weekend 🙂

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