I can run faster?

2 Jun

So I’ve been terrible at posting lately – ugh – but this is partly because my computer genius brother is promising to update my blog and make it beautiful as only a computer genius knows how to go. I’m pretty excited. But updates on that to come later…

In the meantime – I’m aware that running is both physically and mentally demanding – but it is especially mentally difficult for me. I am in a perpetual mental rut when it comes to running. Don’t get me wrong – I love running and I still do it 3-4 times a week, but I’ve convinced myself that my pace and race times are just at a plateau and that I’ll never be fast. Even though I know plenty of people who have trained and gotten their times way down, I’m convinced that’s not possible for me. Well it’s about effing time I stop this nonsense. I recently read something while googling “How can I run faster?” and it was life changing. Basically it said. “If you want to race faster, you have to train faster.” Life-altering. This is probably the most blatantly obvious thing I have ever read, but I realized that I always train at the same pace. I usually run at an easy 9-9:30 min/mile pace because it’s a nice pace for me and I can run long distances at that pace. So I’ve recently decided to start doing my daily runs faster – and it’s not actually as painful or as hard as I thought it would be 🙂

Today’s run: Total of 5.5 miles in a total of 47 minutes. (in 80 degree heat)

  • 2 miles – 15:57  (7:57 min/mile)
  • 3.1 miles (5K)- 25:40  (8:17 min/mile)
  • 5.0 miles – 42:10 (8:26 min/mile)
  • 5.5 miles – 46:47 (8:30 min/mile)
I was pleasantly surprised at how fast I was actually capable of running, especially since my course involved a fair amount of hills. My training is actually working!! 🙂 Of course on long run days, I’ll still slow down my pace a bit – but this is extremely promising to me.
Hopefully this helps out anyone else stuck in a mental rut –
Can’t wait to update you guys from a new / pretty blog soon! I’ll be sure to include a re-cap of the beautiful wedding I was in over the holiday weekend….

Steve and I enjoying the reception


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