Hill / Mountain Workout

27 May

Yesterday was GORGEOUS! It was sunny – it was warm – it was summery. It was so nice that I actually had to escape the cold, dark confines of my cubicle and take a walk outside. Whoever landscapes the corporate center where I work does a lovely job. It’s a shame that most people in my office just sit at their desks all day long. I don’t think I’ll ever understand that.

When I got home from work, I was determined to do a hill workout on this massive hill I often drive on. It looked like a good challenge (from the car at least). I even put on some bright, cheery running clothes to pump myself up. I mean, it was 90 and humid and very sunny – obviously a great day to do a hill workout.

Happy... before the Run

I got to the park and after a quick 1/2 mile warm-up, I set out to run my hill 3 times.

Elevation Map

I know that picture is fairly small – so let me give you the details.

  • Distance of hill: 0.54 miles
  • Sharpest incline: 20% grade
  • Number of other people running up the hill: 0
I ran a total of 5 miles – with the last 1.5 miles on a flat path around the park. I’ve never had so much trouble running 1.5 miles before in my life. Overall, it was AWFUL. I’m sure the people driving up the hill were looking at me like I was insane (which is probably true). My legs are crazy sore today, but hopefully this hill work-out will help my speed and overall strength – so I’ll suck it up.
Back at home, the sky got really dark, the winds picked up, and I took these really eerie pictures…

We never got a storm – and today it’s beautiful again… so I’m blogging from my balcony trying to get a little sun before I head off to DC to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friends’ wedding 🙂


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